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Walk with Nature – Quote of the Day

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.  - John Muir

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.  – John Muir

Be with nature not in nature, for starters. (see my post over at Our Search For Paradise on what I mean by that.)  If you open your eyes, ears, senses, mind, and spirit, there is little more rewarding than a walk with nature!

Carrie and Savanna enjoying being with nature!

Carrie and Savanna enjoying being with nature!


I am just now able to walk for more than a few minutes at a time since having foot surgery. How I have missed being able to be with nature! I’m still limited to less than half a mile at a time before my foot starts to scream at me, but compared to being bound to the house or car, it is tremendous!

Recently we took a drive and I decided to swing by a lake that was drained about3 years ago, Shreve Lake.  Now it is a small and shallow pond surrounded by marsh and tall grass prairie.  Young cottonwoods wreath the lake creating a willowy wall halfway between the former and current shores.

I enjoy listening to nature. The breezes rustle the leaves and whistle through the grasses, joe-pye weed, boneset, and goldenrod. Crickets and cicadas chitter their rhythmic songs while bees buzz and dragonflies whir by. Birds sing and call to one another. One might call this the peace and quiet of the countr.  It is anything but quiet; yet peaceful it is.

I enjoy watching the insects also, especially pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. A tiny lavender colored skipper flittered about here and there, as well as Monarch and Viceroy butterflies. There were many goldenrod soldier beetles on the flowers this day.  They are a beneficial insect as they eat other pests as well as pollen and nectar of flowers. These insects were new to us, but we were quick to learn about them and appreciate what they do!

Goldenrod Soldier Beetle on White Boneset

Goldenrod soldier beetles on white boneset flowers.


When we returned to the car, I turned back to the lake and saw a blue heron fishing where the creek flows into the pond.  I took a few pictures from a great distance, however, when I turned around to leave, it took flight and swooped by right in front of us.  Unfortunately, I was not fast enough with the camera, but I was fortunate to see it soar by, its impressive wingspan of slate blue a streak as it disappeared behind the trees.

Blue Heron on Shreve Lake

Blue Heron on Shreve Lake


I enjoy being with nature and always find something new to stir curiosity or emotion.  I’ve only ever taken short nature walks, I can only imagine the deep feelings hikers must develop while being with nature for days at a time.  When I am with nature, I seek leisure, what I find, is wonder.

What do you find you receive when you walk with nature? What do you seek?

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In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. - John Muir

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. – John Muir


  1. Andrea

    I love nature and recently started running the trail so that I could be among it more often. It helps relieve stress. I love everything we see all the nature all the animals dear squirrels rabbits you name it.

  2. Ashley

    Beautiful pics! It looks very peaceful there. I need to get out into nature, maybe when the humidity goes down!

  3. Keikilani

    There is something so powerful about nature. It does things to the soul! Your pictures are beautiful.

  4. Jasmine

    Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Ive been heavily thinking about ways to get outdoors more with my kids and this post was the perfect inspiration!

  5. Amy Cape Cod Moms

    We love getting out into nature in our family. We love exploring all the fun little treasures we find including bugs, leaves and rocks which my son thinks are worth millions of dollars. Nature is good for the soul too!

  6. Alecia

    I spent the weekend in the hay friend field looking for monarch caterpillars. I found so many more insects! I loved my entomology courses in college and I really miss spending hours looking at insects


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