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Friday Favorites – We’re Related App

This past week I found an app that I have become completely obsessed with. It’s called We’re Related and it’s by The app allows you to add your family tree and it shows you which of your Facebook friends(who also have the app installed and have added their tree) and which celebrities that you share a common ancestor with. For example, I found out that  Lady Gaga is my 9th cousin and Marilyn Monroe was my 8th cousin 2x removed.

My favorite feature though isn’t as much seeing which celebrities I’m related to(although that’s pretty cool) but it’s seeing the path going back to the common ancestor that shows several generations of my direct ancestors. From there I can look up the names and birth/death dates and sometimes find really cool information about my ancestors. I learned that my great(times 7) grandfather, Alexander White, served in the Revolutionary War and had a home in NJ called “White Hall” and that George Washington once stayed there and William Henry Harrison also spent time there on the campaign trail and did a speech on the grounds. How cool is that?


You can add multiple family trees which comes in handy when it comes to adoptions, etc… I have a tree for my biological father and another tree with info for my adoptive father(who has ties to President McKinley)

I’ve learned a lot from this app in just a few days of using it and periodically it send updates with new possible celebrity relatives and Facebook friend relatives. It’s definitely worth a download and it’s a lot of fun.



Download it here



Have you done any genealogy research of your own? What interesting facts have you learned?






  1. Heather A Lawrence

    We are quite familiar with that website and have actually found a few people that we were surprised to see that were on our list. The fascinating part was seeing where our family came from. Through the years that info sort of gets lost so it was really neat to read. I think we got back to the early 1700 which was awesome!

  2. ChristineLuken

    This app sounds super cool! My sister in law has been trying to get me to join for a while, so I guess I probably should!

    1. (Post author)

      I’ve wanted to join but just haven’t had the budget for it. But this app is totally free so it absolutely doesn’t hurt to try it out

  3. Kimberly Ritter

    This looks really interesting! I’ve always wanted to learn more about my ancestry, especially after having kids. I’ve been told we’re descendants to the pilgrims that landed at Plymouth Rock. I’ll have to check it out.

  4. Cathy

    I’ve never done any type of genealogy research, but you totally have me curious about this app. I need to check it out, especially because of the potential celebrity connections – FUN!

  5. Dawn Nieves

    This sounds like such a cool app! I need to check it out. It looks really interesting!

  6. Jasmine

    Wow, what a cool app!!! I’m going to definitely check it out, I’m so curious to see what it comes upon with. I know theres other expensive services that offer the same thing but this free app sounds awesome!

  7. Rebecca Bryant

    what a cool website. I need to check this out. I’ve always wanted to know who I was related too.


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