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Currently Vol 15

This is what I am up to “currently”


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Apologizing – I did it again. I slacked off on posting. It’s pretty much inevitable for me that if I take a “short break” from something it gets longer and longer. I’ve done it before with the blog and now I’ve done it again. I was just looking and my last post was in September! I wasn’t quite sure where to start in posting again so I figured a “Currently” was as good as anything so I could get that awkward apology out of the way before moving onto the real content. If you know me you know that I don’t have one specific niche or topic so if there is something you want me to post about then let me know. Would you like to see more recipes, product reviews, lists, or something else entirely? Feel free to comment with your thoughts.



Watching – La Reina Del Sur on Netflix – I watch most things with captions on anyway because having a toddler means I can’t always hear what is being said so I decided to give telenovelas a try just for something different. I don’t speak Spanish so I have to pay close attention but it’s worth it. La Reina Del Sur translates to “The Queen of the South” It’s about a Mexican woman that finds herself having to hide in Spain and she works her way to becoming a drug lord. It has a “Weeds” feel to it but focuses a bit more on her love story as well as her business dealings. After this I may have to find another telenovela to watch. Maybe I’ll even pick up a phrase or two. Have any of you watched any telenovelas? Which ones would you recommend(especially that are available on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu) If not, what are you watching now? I’m always looking for ideas.


Playing – board games…and card games. My oldest is turning 8 in a couple of weeks so it is easier to find games to play with her that we also enjoy. We got her “clue” for Christmas and we have also played Monopoly, Wildcraft, a dice game called Bunco, a fun party game called Hoopla and whatever else we can find. I’ll probably getting a couple more for her as birthday gifts later this month. It has been nice to spend time together as a family unplugged from our screens. What family games would you recommend?



What are you “currently” up to this week? Let me know in the comments below



  1. Ashley

    I am currently trying to get back into the groove of working. After an on and off last two weeks it’s hard to get motivated.

  2. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    Monopoly has always been a favorite game of mine. I have heard of Bunco but have never played it before.

  3. Rebecca Bryant

    I am currently trying to get back to work after taking Christmas off. I am also currently reading Vampire Addiction which is really good.

  4. Louise

    I’m really struggling to get motivated at the moment. I blame the Christmas break! It’s good to see you back, though. Happy New Year 🙂

    Louise x

  5. Milena

    I ahve never watched a Telenovela, but that one sounds right up my alley. We love game night. Trouble is a good one too for that age!

  6. Kristin

    Ohh I’m always looking for new things to watch on Netflix. Binge fest baby. Thanks for sharing!


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