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Currently, Vol 13


This is what I am up to “currently”


Buying – a camera. Well, not quite yet. We have a mediocre dslr that we’ve had for a few years that takes adequate photos but my husband is aspiring to go professional with his photography(Be sure to check him out on Instagram.) so we will be in the market for a better camera soon. Having a very limited income at the moment makes it difficult so we have been getting creative when it comes to financing a new camera. We finally held our yard sale after we had to cancel it a few weeks ago and were able to put that money aside. We also sold some books to the local used book store and are getting ready to list some other items on craigslist, ebay, and Facebook marketplace. We have also been looking at  places like and to find good deals on used and discounted cameras. Any other tips on earning extra money to buy a camera and/or finding a great deal on one are welcome. I would also love to hear about what cameras any of you have and what you think of them. Here is one of my absolute favorite pictures that he has done.


Eating – WAY too much junk food. If you read my posts last month you would see that I was on kind of a diet and that it was working for me. Well, I hit a bait of a wall with it after the initial weight loss and I haven’t been following it the past few weeks. I haven’t gained any of my weight back at least but I most definitely haven’t lost any more and I’ve noticed a few of my old aches and pains coming back so I think my poor dietary choices are causing inflammation. The diet I was doing before(4-hour-body) was working at first but it was not easy to stick to and got boring pretty fast. I don’t think I will go back on that one(except maybe for a few weeks here and there to kick things up a notch) but I definitely need to at least go back to eating less sugar and other carbs. I probably need to start getting some work out time in as well.


dessert table

Enjoying – My girls. I am the proud mother of 2 beautiful girls and on top of that I have had the privilege to take care of 3 other sweet girls on weekdays these past few years. The youngest of these 3, a set of 6-year-old twins, are starting Kindergarten this week and will no longer be under my care except on a few random days off from school which will likely be around once a month on average. I’m going to miss seeing their smiles every morning and listening to them excitedly share stories of what they  were up to the night before. I have watched these girls grow from around 18 months old and barely walking, into the sweet, smart, and gorgeous young ladies that they are today. I get a bonus day with them on Wednesday this week and I am excited to spend the day with them and make it special, but sad at the same time because Wednesday will mark the end of my seeing them daily. It will be bittersweet for sure.


We decorated Christmas trees today! #craftingwithkiddos

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  1. Rebecca Bryant

    First WOW that pic you hubby posted was amazing. Second I am currently mentally preparing for my last football season with the boy. I am a total mess at the moment.

  2. Alicia Taylor

    I really understand the weight loss dilemma. I lost 60 pounds – and have kept them off for 2 years now. I did it with just watching what I eat and exercise. I don’t ascribe to any particular diet. I find they all get boring fast.


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