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Endless summer is about to turn into an endless stream of school lunches. But, with Boxed, it doesn’t have to be a scramble every morning (schedule-wise; how you like your eggs is your business). Boxed can help you stock up, giving you the morning back to enjoy time with your family.

Here’s our back-to-school checklist to ensure your kids have everything they need to succeed at school.


Boxed has you covered with its back-to-school supplies bundle. The bundle comes with Ticonderoga #2 pencils, Tops View binders, a Top Flight 3-subject notebook, Scotch Magic Tape, BIC SoftFeel Ball pens, Scotch scissors, BIC Wite-out, and a Swingline desk stapler.



Stock up on snacks your kids won’t want to trade for. Deliver 100% of your kids’ daily recommended value of Vitamin C with Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks. They’re vegan, gluten-free, and made with real fruit juice. Don’t forget classic Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, an instant crowd-pleaser that come in 1 oz. bags, the perfect size for little hands. If you’re a parent with a hankering for your kids’ snacks, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats are yummy for kids AND adults.


Lunch Storage

Prince & Spring brown paper lunch bags will remind you of the school lunches your Mom used to pack, and at 200 bags per order, they’ll keep you running down memory lane, and not running out to the store. Keep snacks you love protected and organized with Ziploc on the Go bags and BPA-free Prince & Spring food storage containers, perfect for storing carrots to cookies and anything in between.


Whether back-to-school is your favorite time of year or least, with a little planning and bulk delivery from Boxed, you can ensure it goes smoothly from the first-day photo op to dinner time.

What are you doing to prepare for back-to-school?


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  1. Ashley

    That does sound like a great way to stay organized during the school year. Inevitably I always forget something!

  2. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    It’s always helpful to be able to purchase everything in one place. I still have to go through my son’s dresser and see what he needs for clothes.

  3. Camesha | Mama Motivator

    Getting organized is the only way to get through the school year! I’ve been getting all of our lunch and snack items stocked for back to school.

  4. Catherine Sargent

    This is a great checklist. My son is out of school, but I always made sure I stocked up on healthy snacks.

  5. Louise

    Thank you SO much for sharing this, Carrie. God knows I could definitely do with a hand when it comes to remembering all the back-to-school stuff I need to get for the kids!! I’m usually running around like a headless chicken a couple of days before they start back trying to find the last few bits that I’ve forgotten lol

    Louise x

  6. Kerri

    My sister loves shopping BOXED. She always gets great items and great prices.This evening, I organized supplies and we labeled everything to get ready for school in a few weeks.

  7. Milena

    I need to stock up on snacks and drinks for sure! I haven’t used Boxed yet, but I’ll check them out! Anything to make my life easier!

  8. Carol Bryant

    A one stop place to get everything done is right up my alley. Your title is super creative: One back to school list is all we need, thank goodness. I am all about a service that makes my life easier.

  9. Dena Scroggina

    Love these ideas. I have a very difficult time staying organized with 3 kids under 6.

  10. Kristin

    Boxed looks like a life saver! We need to try it out asap!

  11. Dawn Nieves

    This is a great checklist. I need to stay organized during the school year or things can turn into a mess.

  12. Adriana Lopez

    How cool that you can find everything in one place. One stop shopping is a big time saver and also less headaches. I really admire moms they have so much on their plate this days. Thanks for all the tips!


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