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What’s Your Mommy Story?

A lot of my readers are mothers and all mommies have a story. I’ve seen these go around social media so I thought it might be fun to share my story here as well.

Age I Got Pregnant : 27 with Sylvia and 33 with Savanna

Age I Gave Birth : 27 and 33

Due Date : 4/9/10 and 6/8/16

Day I Gave Birth : 1/18/10 (12 weeks premature!) and 5/27/10

Pain Relief : spinal

Time in labor: There was no pushing because both were c sections but each time I was in labor for at least a few hours but not sure exactly how long. I was having contractions off and on all day both times and gave birth at the end of the day

Time born: 12:19 am the 1st time and 10:44 pm the 2nd.

Natural or C-section: I wanted desperately to do natural for both of my babies but I had a C-section both times. My girls are stubborn

Weight : 2lb 9oz and 8lb 3oz Quite a difference between the 2. Haha!

Sex : both girls

Name: Sylvia Grace and Savanna Sage

I would love to know your mommy story if you have one. Feel free to share in the comments or if you have a blog I invite you to create your own post and share the link!


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  1. Jarrod Chance

    Should have mentioned that our Sylvia was in the NICU at Akron Children’s Hospital for about 12 weeks, kind of an important part of the story of beginning motherhood.


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