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Throwback Thursday – 1987

This week’s Throwback Thursday is 1987. My own personal reflection on this year is not much. I was born in 1982 so this would be the year that I started Kindergarten. While I do remember certain things about 1987, There was a lot going on in the world tht I was oblivious to at the time. But luckily, we are in an age where the world is at our fingertips and the Internet is our friend. So here are some notable moments from 1987.


1) The Brave Little Toaster – Now this is something that I personally remember. I remember coming home from school and watching this cute film about 5 small appliances that come to the realization that their owner is missing. With the Brave Little Toaster leading the team, they set out to find their master in the big city.

2) Misery – Stephen King released the thriller, Misery in 1987. This psychological horror novel is about a writer who is trapped in a house with a crazed fan who is not happy when she finds out his plans for the main character of his books. If you haven’t read the book, you may have seen the film that was released a few years later.

3) Walk Like an Egyptian – This song by The Bangles was technically released in 1986 with their album, Different Light, but it became Billboard’s number-one song 1987. Even today, while it’s not heard nearly as often, I think most people can’t help but sing along when it comes on the radio and do the iconic hand gestures that go along with it.

4) Baby Jessica – Even as a 5 year old, I remember watching news of baby Jessica on television after she was rescued from a well. The toddler fell in a well at her Aunt’s house and was trapped for 58 hours while America watched her rescue on CNN.


5) Black Monday – On Monday, October 19th, 1987 stock markets around the world crashed causing the sharpest market downturn in US history since the Great Depression. The stock markets, thankfully, recovered quickly and in less than 2 years the stock markets had surpassed their pre-crash highs.

6) R-E-S-P-E-C-T – Aretha Franklin is shown some “Respect” when she becomes the first woman inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Also inducted that year were Smokey Robinson, B.B. King, Marvin Gaye, as well as others. Aretha was unable to attend but was incducted by Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones.

What is it that you were doing in 1987? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!


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  1. Rebecca Bryant

    I was turning 16 and thought I had the world in my hands. I remember all this wow it’s been a long time. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  2. Stephanie Jeannot

    What cool things to discover about the past. I remember the Bangles. I used to love them. Aretha Franklin was so deserving of that honor. So cool!

  3. Heather A Lawrence

    WOW… I remember Black Monday like it was yesterday and I was only 13 at the time.
    Seems like such a long time ago when you read the year but it doesn’t feel like that at all!
    Totally miss the hair though…now those were some bangs!

  4. Kimberly

    In 1987 I was in high school. Walk Like An Egyptian was on the airwaves everywhere but so were other great hits by Duran Duran, Culture Club, Bon Jovi (just to name a few). Yep, it was the good ‘ole days 😉

  5. Kristin

    I remember the Brave Little Toaster!! And I was little, too, but I remember baby Jessica down the well. So scary!

  6. Scott

    Such a young’un! I was already in high school by that point. Now I feel old…

  7. Louise

    The Brave Little Toaster was my favourite film when I was a kid! I would have been 3 in 1987 and I remember asking my mum if I could watch it EVERY day 😀

    Louise x


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