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Thoughtful Thursday – Vol, 2

I came across a quote this morning that reminded me a little bit of blogging.

We do this because we love to write, of course, and we have thoughts and ideas that we want to share. But many of us bloggers are either monetizing our blogs or would like to someday. I do love to write(otherwise I wouldn’t do it) but it is more than that. I want to be successful at it. I want to see my numbers grow. I want to see some fruits of my labor and would love to make a living out of it someday. But it’s not easy. I started a couple of years ago but didn’t put a lot into it. And then when I was pregnant with baby number 2 and had some other things going on I stopped completely. I didn’t write for a while and the longer I went without writing, the harder it seemed to get back up and write again. Before I knew it, I had gone well over a year with nothing. I just started writing again in the last few weeks but I’ve been making sure to put the work in this time. I’m writing every weekday, I’m promoting, I’m looking into sponsors/ads. So far, since starting to write again it’s been a lot of work, work that I enjoy, but it’s not easy and I know it’s a LONG road head of me before I start to see results. In my mind though, it’s worth it. Because it means doing what I love to do and hopefully will lead to a certain level of freedom for myself and my family. So that’s where the quote above rings true for me. And I can see how it would be meaningful for other people and other situations as well.



  1. Heather Lawrence

    I totally understand, sometimes I write a lot and sometimes I don’t write at all. It all depends on what’s going on and how I feel.
    I look back and see some of the older posts and I just cringe. LOL!!

  2. Milena

    I totally get it. I have tons of things I want to write about, but get caught up writing other things for money. I think something has to change for me.

  3. Rebecca Bryant

    Today has been one of those days I had no inspiration to write. But yes we write because we need to say something.

  4. Lois Alter Mark

    This is such a great reminder, and I’m totally going to remember that quote. Sometimes I write like crazy and sometimes I just have to let the ideas marinate for a while. You can’t reap a harvest without sowing seeds.

  5. Ashley

    Love that quote. Most days aren’t about what you can see, what you reap. I need to remember that when life can be frustrating.

  6. Monica

    Good for you!!! It’s been suggested that start journaling and a daily writing practice and that was a bit scary. I have to admit that I’m learning so much along with growing and enjoying it.

  7. Monica (NYCTechMommy)

    Love that you are back to writing and doing something that you love! I’ve taken a couple of short breaks and it’s always so hard to come back and you are right that it can be a long road but so worth it if you enjoy what you do! Keep it up!


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