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Thoughtful Thursday – Smile

I wanted to start a new series of posts called “Thoughtful Thursday” featuring a different random thought or a thoughtful quote. One in particular that stood out to me today was a quote by Yoko Ono – “Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll see a big difference in your life.”

It may seem like a small thing but I believe in the power of positive thinking and that small moves like this can set your entire attitude for the day. So many of us wake up expecting a bad day, or at least a boring day. I challenge you to take the challenge and try to smile at your reflection first thing in the morning and see how it affects the rest of your day. While you’re at it, smile at someone else as well, for any reason or even for no reason at all. MAybe you can change the course of their day as well.


  1. Rebecca Bryant

    I like that quote and I agree we can choose to smile and be happy or not. It truly is all up to the person.

  2. Shirley Wood

    It takes a lot less muscles to smile than it does to frown so it helps with keeping wrinkles away too. I chose Happy!!

  3. Lois Alter Mark

    I love this idea! The quote is great and it’s one I try to live by. Starting every day with a smile makes a big difference in the rest of the day.

  4. Jarrod Chance

    Smile at anyone and almost always, they will smile back.

  5. Monica

    A smile has the ability to make most circumstances a bit better. I love this idea and positive perspective.

  6. Barbara Feldman

    I needed this “virtual smile” right now. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Brandi Crawford

    This is so inspiring. I love your Thoughtful Thursday idea. A smile goes a really long way.

  8. Jenn Borget

    I love the whole idea behind “Thoughtful Thursday”, it’s so inspiring! I love to smile, and love to see my kids smile so we always try to make it a part of our day!

  9. reesa

    A smile can go such a long way! I am looking forward to following along your new series!

  10. Pamela

    Smiling is definitely a mood lifter and not just on Thursdays. Thanks for reminding us to smile more.

  11. Louise

    Wise words here from Yoko Ono! And they definitely made me smile 🙂

    Louise x


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