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Starlight Baby – Quality bodysuits and accessories for baby


Starlight baby is a Washington-based company that launched in May 2016. They provide high-quality, safe baby products. Designs are printed and hand designed in the USA. I love putting my 1-year-old, Savanna, in cute bodysuits, especially with funny or clever slogans. Here is the one that I chose. I’ve become a regular coffee drinker since having her so it seemed like a good fit for us, as well as  just about any busy/tired parent. Side note: isn’t she the cutest?


Mom Needs Coffee

I could tell right away that the fabric on this shirt was high quality. It’s 100% cotton and 50% thicker than most bodysuits so it’s both durable and breathable. The stitching is very well done and the snaps are strong. I chose that one as our first one to try it out but I found several more that I also like and have added to my wish list. Here are a few more cuties:




Little Sprout

Mermaids Don’t Wear Pants

Player 5. They have one for Player 3 as well


There are so many other cute ones and they add more each week. As well as the bodysuits they also carry accessories like pacifier clips and ear protectors. I definitely recommend checking them out, either for your own little ones or an upcoming baby shower.


Ear Protection Kit

Pacifier Clips

Not only are Starlight Baby products cute, high-quality and affordable, but they are offering free-shipping for a limited time and a 100% money-back guarantee. Be sure to go have a look at the rest of their designs  on and sign up for their newsletter so you don’t miss out on special offers.


This is a sponsored post meaning that I received free product and/or payment in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Opinions are my own and compensation received does not alter my review.



  1. Osama

    Awww 😍😍
    Reminded me of my childhood 😂

  2. Joanna

    OMG how cute accessories. They will make the toddlers double cute.

  3. Ronda

    The bodysuits are sooooo cute! I have the coffee quote on a t-shirt my 8 year old wears, he’s always running up and down, lol.

  4. Ramona

    Cute pieces of for any baby.

  5. blackgirlzen

    Those pieces are so cute and good quality.

  6. Kristin Cheuvront

    The ear protection is huge with little ones! Love all of the cute onesies!

  7. Brandi Crawford

    These photos are so adorable! These sayings are all so cute.

  8. Ali Gilbert

    Oh my gosh! I love these! My husband loves the gaming onsie and I love the mermaid onsie…so apparently we need to have more kids. haha! So cute!

  9. colleen kennedy

    OMGosh, these are adorable! Now I want another baby!


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