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Recycled Crayons – Junk to Gems

Recycled Crayons, Junk to Gems


Broken crayons

Piles of broken crayons waiting to be recycled

Crayons. Everywhere.  Having young children in our home, crayons seem to take over your house!  These days crayons are given away at every turn.  Restaurants, festivals and fairs, party favors, and leftovers from the previous school year all add up.  Over time the crayons get broken or used up to a nub and cast aside while a new perfect crayon takes its place as many a child can’t be bothered with anything but a perfect crayon!  Piles of stubby crayons accumulate.  So what to do?  Throw them out? NO!  Make new, fun shaped and colorful recycled crayons in whatever shape and color combination you desire! Junk to Gems!

It is a rather easy process. All you need are CrayonsSilicone molds of your choice, and an oven!

Silicone molds: star, shell, and heart

 Directions for Recycled Crayons:

crayons in shell shaped mold

Broken crayons in pink shell shaped silicone mold

Crayons in a silicone mold

Broken crayons in green blocky shaped silicone mold

  • Peel paper labels from the crayons
  • Sort the Crayons as desired
    • All one color – best for “pure color” crayons
    • Shades of one color
    • Warm or Cool tones
    • Earth and Mineral tones
    • Camouflage
    • Rainbow
    • or Experiment!
  • Break into pieces if necessary to fit in your molds as desired
  • Place into the silicone molds. Do not overfill to avoid spill over.Vertical, horizontal, or willy-nilly?  Organized or random?  Your choice!
    • We chose a willy-nilly approach.
  • Place silicone molds in the pre-heated oven.
    • I placed them on a cookie sheet to more easily handle them
  • Bake in a preheated oven at 225° Fahrenheit until melted, approximately 10 – 15 minutes
    Recycled Crayons, Junk to Gems

    Recycled Crayons! Pin to Pinterest to share in the fun!

    • Possibly longer depending on the size of the mold and amount of crayons.
    • For example, our shell shaped molds were melted in 12 minutes while the thicker blocks took close to 20 minutes.
  • Remove from oven and allow to cool completely
    • We tried to remove a few too early.  They seemed solid but warm.  It caused some crumbling around the edges.
    • In the future, I will be more patient and let them cool for at least an hour if not overnight.
  • Draw!
    • Different corners and faces of the shapes may have different colors and effects!
    • FYI: I found the top edge of the mold to have a waxy buildup which made drawing difficult, while the rest of the mold drew as any regular crayon.
    • They also look awesome!  To me, they truly look like gems! You may choose to keep them on your desk as a cool ornament!

Try it out! It is a blast!  Let us know how yours turn out in the comments!

Recycled Crayons in shell shape and gem shapes

The final product! Recycled Crayons! Shell shapes and blocky gem shapes!


Recycled Info Graphic

The formula is simple!

-Guest Post by Jarrod Chance from 


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  1. Deborah Anderson

    Oh my, Carrie, that is sooooo creative! I remember, as a kid, melting some crayons. I’m not sure that my mum let me use the oven, so maybe I put them in the sunlight (does that even work?). But, my projects turned into blogs of weird combinations of colors lol. It was fun. But oh how these are gorgeous and much more creative. My daughter loves crafts and I think I just found the next one for us to do together! Thanks 🙂

  2. Ashley S

    Such a fun activity! We love creating art with melted crayons in this household 🙂

  3. Jarrod Chance

    I had fun doing this project with our daughters and writing this post for your site! I hope everyone enjoys reading my post and doing the project!

  4. Milena

    We did a project just like in 4H. I love being able to reuse crayons. We alwasy ended up with so many here, especially at the end of the school year!

  5. Bree

    I love this! Such a great idea. And yes, a lot better than throwing them away. My daughter and I love arts & crafts so we will for sure try this out when her crayons wear down 🙂

  6. Kerri

    What a great idea. I am a classroom teacher and I always have broken crayons and I am not sure what to dowith them.

    1. Kerri

      I hit post too soon. This would be perfect for me to try with the broken crayons.

  7. Suzanne

    This is such a great idea! We have so many crayon nubs everywhere, and I hate to just throw them away. My daughter and I will have to try this!

  8. Paula Atwell

    This is a great idea, although I remember as a kid I liked having all the different crayon colors separate. But used up crayons would be better used with this idea. I have a huge box of crayons right now that I need to donate because no one in my house will use them.

  9. Rebecca Bryant

    Ok, that is a cool way to reuse crayons. This is really cool. I need to tell my sister in law about this she just gathered up a bucket of old crayons from my nieces.

  10. Lois Alter Mark

    Those are so pretty! When I think of how many crayons we threw out when the kids were little, I feel terrible. We could have made such cute things!

  11. Monica (NYCTechMommy)

    This is great! We have some LEGO molds and I think we will turn out many broken crayons into little LEGO men. Thanks for the idea! Love it!


      that sounds awesome. I would love to see some pictures if/when you do it.

  12. Louise

    We do this every few weeks as we seem to find broken crayons EVERYWHERE! We tend to stick to one colour though as my youngest gets very upset if they get mixed together!

    Louise x

  13. Pamela :: Still Dating My Spouse

    What a great idea for all the broken crayons. Thanks for sharing

  14. Cathy

    This is a such a smart and great idea. I remember doing something similar with my kids when they were young. I love how it adds a little extra fun to a coloring activity!

  15. Kristin

    I love all of the fun molds you can use! These make great party favors, too!


      yes, me too! And the kiddos love them

  16. Heather A Lawrence

    I love this post! We recycled a bunch of crayons when our oldest was little and they were so much fun.
    We have a HUGE tide container filled with crayons that need to be recycled. Thanks for the gentle reminder to get on that!


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