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Lavender Eye Pillow

As a migraine sufferer I have come to appreciate what lavender can do. Normally when I get a migraine I will dab a drop of lavender essential oil on my temples and it does help but it can sometimes get messy and there was one time I will never forget that I rubbed my eyes without thinking about it after having the oil on my hands and OH BOY! My eyes were burning for a long time after that. This pillow has been a great help for me. I don’t have messy oils to deal with and it smells absolutely fantastic! It has been so great for my migraines.
As an added bonus, it came in handy when my 5 year old daughter was having trouble sleeping. I out the eye pillow in bed with her and the smell helped to calm her down and sooth her to sleep. This pillow has also been handy for laying across my sinuses for relieving congestion. I absolutely love it!!

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  1. Anita Fonte

    This is a good product. I can picture doing the same for my kids. This would have come in handy a couple of days ago.


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