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Friday Favorites – Prisma

I haven’t done a Friday Favorites post in about a month so I am long overdue. I would like to start doing these weekly. For this week’s post I wanted to share an app that my husband, Jarrod, found last week and we have been obsessed with. Prisma is a photo editing app that uses fun and interesting filters based on artwork. It transforms photos into works of art! There are tons of filters to choose from and it’s 100% free.

Once you choose a filter for your picture you can also slide across your image and change the percentage if the filter that’s being used. There are other features as well but I’m still learning so I’m not familiar with everything yet. Sometimes the filters can take a minute to apply to the picture but it’s worth the wait. I encourage you to download it on your smartphone or tablet and play with it a bit. It is a lot of fun. Here are some before and after examples of pictures that we’ve done recently using the Prisma app.


You can also see some other really cool examples Jarrod has used in his Quote of The Day feature here on  You can also see more by following Jarrod’s Instagram. Here is his latest post using the Tokyo filter

Butterfly in the prairie garden. #Prisma #prismatokyo

A post shared by Jarrod Chance (@jarrod_chance) on

Pretty cool, right? Have you ever used Prisma? What are some photo editing apps that you like to use?


  1. Jasmine

    I’ve never heard of Prisma before but it looks fun to use! I LOVE takign pictures and finding new apps with filters is always a lot of fun to use and experiment with.

  2. Trisha

    This sounds like a pretty awesome app, I really like the filters you used! I’m definetely going to download it and play around with editing.

  3. Louise

    I’ve never heard of Prisma before, but it looks like such a fun app to use! I’m definitely going to have to check it out now as this pics you edited with it are just awesome!

    Louise x

  4. Emily

    This app is great! I take a ton of pictures of my kids and being able to make them look different or more artistic with the filters would be fun! I think doing this to a favorite picture and then printing it and giving the picture to my kids Grandparents would be awesome, they would love it!


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