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Friday Favorites – Dandelion

Before I had my break from blogging I had started doing a weekly post called “Friday Favorites.”  I had only done a handful of them but I had fun with it and they seemed to be popular with my readers so I decided to start it up again. For this week I wanted to highlight one of my favorite flowers, the dandelion.

     Many people consider the dandelion more of a weed than a flower but I never really understood why. There is so much to love about this simple blossom.

1) They’re beautiful – What is not to love about it? The bright yellow flowers just draw you in. There is a reason they are a favorite for children to bring to their mothers in a bouquet.


2) They grant wishes – Most of you are probably already aware of the superstition involving dandelions. After they go to seed, who can resist blowing away at the little white puffballs littering our lawns and making a wish. Dandelions are also commonly referred to as “wishing flowers” at this time.


3) They’re tasty – Every part of a dandelion plant can be eaten. The root can be made into tea and is also in some herbal coffee blends. Some people even cook them up and eat them like carrots. The leaves can be used in tea as well, or also in salad greens or sauteed in an omelet. The flowers can be eaten raw, battered and fried into fritters, or baked into cakes and cookies.


4) They have great health benefits – Another great reason to make tea (or other goodies) out of dandelions is the benefit to your health. Just some of those benefits are that it’s a great digestive aid and also good for your kidneys, liver, cholesterol, immune system, and SO much more. Check out any book or website on herbal medicine and you’ll find a ton of information.


5) Bees need them – It’s not just bees, of course. Birds and pollen beetles also need them. The fact that so many people put so much time and money into getting rid of dandelions may be a huge reason for the decline in the bee population. Pollinators need them in order to survive.


There are many reasons to love dandelions. If you would like to see a little bit more about harvesting them as well as a couple of recipes, Visit my previous post: Dandelion Bliss





  1. Krysten

    Thank you for reminding me how great dandelions are!

  2. Louise

    Aww, I love Dandelion’s <3 My mum hated me being near them as a kid though. I still don't know why!!

    Louise x

  3. Scott

    I know we’re supposed to love them, but they spread like crazy in my lawn! If they’d only stay where they are, I could tolerate them.

  4. Raewyn Sangari

    I had no idea you could eat them or any of the health benefits! I previously loved dandelions, but now I do even more!

  5. Dominique

    I didn’t realise they could be eaten! I used to love blowing them away when I was a kid 🙂

  6. Brittany

    I recently read a bunch of stuff on reddit about how awesome dandelions are! I love them too!

  7. Heather Lawrence

    I should totally invite you over for coffee…the green space behind us is FILLED with them.
    Have you ever had dandelion leaves in a salad?
    Or tried Dandelion wine?


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