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I haven’t blogged in quite a long time. since my last post I’ve had a baby and things just got a bit hectic and busy. But today I was writing an exceptionally long status update on my personal Facebook so I figured I may as well turn it into a blog post and share it with the world.
I was in the kitchen a while ago while all of the girls were in the living room watching a movie. Some of my past readers may remember that I operate a small home daycare. My 2 month old baby was in there with them in her rock n play. It’s almost eerily quiet(other than the movie in the background) until I hear 4 little girls all in unison scream out “EEWWWWWWEEE GROSS!”
I couldn’t help but laugh knowing what was coming next as Sylvia, my 6 year old, ran into the kitchen to tell me that “Savanna just had a really huge poop!!”
I go in to check out the situation and they weren’t kidding. Her little diaper just couldn’t handle the stress and there was a mess. I spent the next 40 minutes cleaning up the baby, taking the cover off of her rock n play to wash it(so glad it’s removable), wiping down the plastic parts, and getting a load of stinky laundry going.
After that I figured I might as well prep some diapers so I spent a little time stuffing pocket diapers and getting them ready for the next few days(She was in a disposable when the blowout happened, just one more reason to love cloth. I promise I’ll post more about our cloth diapering experience later)
As soon as that was done I made myself a salted caramel mocha latte. I think I’ve earned it. Although I’m still in a pretty good mood because even amidst all the bodily waste, I’m surrounded by loads of cuteness every day and I have so much to be thankful for.




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